Gaaddisa Oromoo Maanitoobaa
Oromo Association of Manitoba
© copyright Oromo Association of Manitoba (Gaaddisa Oromoo Maanitoobaa)

We the youth of Oromia (region in Ethiopian) residing in Winnipeg are strongly committed in full and exercise the freedom of our rights to form a legal association to advance our social and economic development.

Convinced that by continuing to live with and promote our rich and proud cultural heritage, it will thereby contribute to a healthy culturally diversified society in our second country, Canada.

We are determined to continue to intellectually and materially support our people in Oromia in their struggle for their rights to self-determination and freedom.
  • Bringing Oromo youth living in Winnipeg together keeping aside political,regional and religon issues.
  • Educate ourselves about the Gadaa system and history of Oromo people.
  • Advance the truth about who we are as Oromos and having a knowledge of our identity.
1. Call oromo youth of winnipeg to socialize, get to know eachother and network atleast once a month

2. Fundraise for the oromo community in Winnipeg as well as in Oromia
  • Saphalo Education Foundation
  • Khulafa Al-Rashidin Orphanage Aid and Development
  • Adopt-a-Library with CODE (the Canadian Organization for Development through Education)
3. Fund rasing ideas
  • Pizza Sales
  • Socials
  • 50/50 draws
  • Cultural Shows
  • Run-4-Rights
4. Get elders to teach us about our culture and roots

5. Start a soccer team for the summer

6. Start a youth dance krew for various events throughout the year